All-in-one transportation and warehouse management

A modern logistics platform built for you

Drive better business outcomes by running your entire operation on a smarter, AI-powered system.  

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Worker in a warehouse pushing a pallet jack loaded with a large cardboard box between tall shelves of inventory.
Serving cartage, courier, final mile, and 3rd party logistics providers
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Why Pallet

Everything you need to run your business – order entry, dispatch, warehousing, billing, customer communication, and more – all in one place

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Unified systems and operations

Centralize your entire back office operation on one platform

  • A fully-integrated, end-to-end TMS and WMS
  • Support across multiple transportation modalities
  • All your teams and functions on a single system
Cost reduction via automation

Automate away time consuming tasks with AI technology

  • AI-powered order entry
  • Automated appointment scheduling
  • Streamlined invoicing and billing
Premium shipper service

Beat your competition with industry-leading visibility and communications

  • In-house EDI and API integrations
  • Real time notifications
  • Track live statuses on the customer portal
Our product

A robust and ever-growing feature set to serve everyone involved in running your business

Route optimization
Doc scanning
Driver settlement
A female warehouse worker scans a barcode on a box using a handheld scanner.

What customers are saying

The amount of time saving is, it's going to be mind numbing. I'm not sure I'm gonna have enough work to do.

– Chad, owner of Victory Final Mile

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